Welcome to GoodBall APP

GoodBall.com has been officially launched. As a new generation of artificial intelligence platform to watch football, the real-time collection of global sports media information and data, through the original sports artificial intelligence algorithm for filtering and integration, send information according to user subscription preferences , goal video and conclusion of data analysis, and an interactive community to watch football in real time with famous broadcasters. GoodBall.com is a new generation entertainment platform, allowed you to understand the global information dynamics every day in 5 minutes.

Interactive football livechat

Invite the world's top players to interact with fans online. Multiple people chat online, watch football, participate in interactive sports games on the same screen will be supported.

Live brodcast interaction

The selection of global first-hand football events, combined with the world's major professional Internet media, provides users with special viewing channels, enjoy the high definition image and faster speed of the live broadcast interactive experience brought by the new era technology.

Multilingual platform

Three language choices available currently: Chinese, English and Vietnamese. Languages like Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Latin, etc., will be launched subsequently, gradually became a new generation of sports and entertainment community for the world.

Football AI

Through the new way of voice interaction, the fans are provided with massive data, fresh anecdotes and match information. Every game, every detail will not be missed, unlock the new way of football match viewing.

Personal assistant

Based on the powerful features of GoodBall.com, it helps fans to grasp real-time information of multiple games at the same time. With the deep understanding ability of artificial intelligence, gradually develop a private football match viewing assistant who only belongs to you.

Voice interaction

Breaking the traditional interaction mode of voice input, using the semantic understanding of artificial intelligence to realize the natural interaction between human and machine, in the form of voice, graphic, video, animation, chart, etc., provide the user's information such as player’s information, match data and other related information at any time.