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The Birth of GoodBall.com Innovative New Sports Media Platform

GoodBall.com is now officially live! This new-generation interactive football platform collates the latest football information and statistics from all major sports media outlets. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to customize the user’s experience based on their favored news stories, goal highlights, and statistical analysis. This allows for an interactive experience with fellow football fans and star experts during live telecasts. As a new-generation media platform, GoodBall.com gives users up-to-date news on their fingertips through regular five-minute interactive updates.

Live Informative Coverage, Specially Tailored for Users

GoodBall.com provides the fastest and most comprehensive sports-viewing experience. In this age of information explosion, users are especially looking for ways to receive the latest football news and information in the quickest possible time and so GoodBall prioritizes speed of data delivery.

GoodBall.com boasts an extensive network of more than 100 “football intelligence experts”, football analysts from over 50 countries, most of whom are sports journalists, coaches, present and retired footballers. Through this vast global professional football network, users are provided with more than a thousand articles featuring exclusive insider updates and information from both on and off the pitch.

For any tournament or match, users can obtain a wide range of content and information from various perspectives through this AI-powered human-to-human and human-to-machine interactive statistical and news feed. They can also obtain swift and accurate information, goal highlights and post-match statistical analysis, ensuring that they get the content they want immediately with GoodBall.com.

Enhanced Football Viewing Experience with Exclusive Football Star Interaction

GoodBall.com is now Spanish club Real Sociedad’s main sponsor and official global media partner. Apart from the commercial collaboration, GoodBall.com will invite professional coaches of Real Sociedad to provide quality world-exclusive coverage and insider insights on La Liga. They will also lead a team of club coaches on a visit to China for an up-close and personal interaction with football fans and young players.

With its joint development of live broadcast and social interactive technologies, GoodBall.com invites world sports superstars to discuss all things footballs with many online users simultaneously. As well as watching live football with these stars, users can also engage with former football stars and players in predicting the final scores, which will soon become reality at GoodBall.com. Users can support their favourite teams through the clubs’ social platforms at GoodBall.com, and also have a chance to win membership benefits and prizes.

Global Breakthrough with Multilingual Online Platform

We understand that GoodBall.com’s eventual goal is to become an established world-class multi-language sports media platform like ESPN. Right now, the site is at the first stages of development and the football media interactive platform is available in the Chinese, English and Vietnamese languages. Covering more than 1600 football competitions, the annual match output reaches into the hundreds of thousands of games. Every covered match will be able to deliver up-to-date match information to the users, allowing fans to grasp the live match action and interaction at every instance. Later, GoodBall.com will start to launch other supported language versions such as Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French as it inches closer towards becoming the world’s new-generation media platform, providing comprehensive and complete football coverage through match previews, global intelligence updates, match information, live telecast, and other match provision functionality.

Collaborating with a Spanish La Liga club is GoodBall.com’s first step. In the future, it aims to provide an improvement in user experience. We hope that one day football fans from around the world can watch football and enjoy this one-stop football service at the same time. Let’s watch and engage in a quality football experience together with GoodBall.com!